Send for my muse's reaction
"I adore you."
"You are adorable."
"I'll protect you with my life."
"I wish you would notice me and maybe develop feelings for me."
"Storm is coming."
"You are cute but we're not going to be a thing."
"Can I kiss you?"
"Give me a sign!"
"I want yo be your friend."
"I need you."
"I hate you!"
"Get over it."
"That was rude."
"I'm trying to flirt with you, okay?"
"You are my enemy."
"I like when you smile."

//*slowly starts collecting all the new Buckys*

*loudly wants a Bucky to be able to casually text some BuckyNat with*

*has a lot of feelings*


Sebastian Stan - “Captain America:The Winter Soldier” Premiere, Westfield London, 3/20/2014 12HQ

Send a ♡ to hear how my character would tell your character that they loved them without actually using the word “love.”

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if we already have a thread going you can start another with me.
if we have a thread going you can reply to memes
if we have a thread going you can tag me in starters
short or long
basically we can have a million and one different threads.
I don’t care as long as I get to roleplay with y o u.

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Just a reminder that my askbox exists:



  • Break my Character (Try to upset them, make them cry)
  • Give them some bad news and see how they react
  • Marry, Cuddle, Kill (give me three names)
  • Tell them how you really feel about them
  • Anons of any kind (Magic, Creepy, rp, etc)
  • Obey Commands (Put obey in front of a command and character has to do it)
  • Mun vs Muse Discussions
  • Truth or Dare
  • Love letters
  • Plot/rp requests


((Please? Anything.))

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Black Widow Hunt

It’s me Bucky… It’s James.
Who the hell is Bucky?

Hydra, S.H.I.E.L.D., and BuckyNat


Or why the Red Star still makes senses

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