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Bucky: Yeah. I remember everything, Natalia... and you were the one good thing in all of it. 

BuckyNat Storyarc Meme [2/18]

The Burden of Dreams (Captain America #31-36)


"Whatever ya say, Tasha. Whatever ya say." He shrugged, smirking.

She shoved him once more for good measure, cuddling into the sweatshirt as she leaned back in her chair on the roof. The view really was stellar, which she’d always loved. Paris was always intriguing to her. It was just convenient that their mission here had ended a day early, leaving them one more night in the hotel.

The roof wasn’t exactly meant to be accessed, but it’s hard to keep out two master assassins turned super spies. So here they were. To say the night was gorgeous would’ve been an understatement. She turned to him with a soft smile. “Why do I keep you around?” she teased.

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"Some’a em are just superspecial awesome, and happen ta be boss-ass queens, instead." Clint grinned, handing her a sweatshirt. "Seriously Nat, you’re awesome as hell."

Nat rolled her eyes with a smirk, accepting the sweatshirt and pulling it over her head. “Oh, shut it Barton,” she teased, shoving him lightly with her elbow. “Just forget it, alright?”

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For my muse in a randomly generated costume.
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1. A loosely fitting dress shirt and dress pants
2. Only a hoodie that’s too big
3. A maid outfit
4. A sexy nurse’s outfit
5. Lingerie
6. Thigh high boots and underwear
7. Your muse’s oversized shirt
8. Bunny ears and white briefs with bunny tail attached to back of them
9. A pair of boxers
10. Very tight clothes

"Sure, yeah. I guess every lonely girl would hope she’s a princess."


she’s perfect.

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