Spies Like Us

Training was so incredibly boring. Though, the fact that the Red Room thought her worthy to train with The Soldier made it significantly more interesting. Every punch, every block had a purpose. It was like an art, one she was quickly learning to predict and counter. He’d refined his own, and she was just developing hers. Such a talent as his could only help her; if she could conquer him, she could beat anyone.

However, there was something she’d been noticing in their training sessions. Something she wouldn’t admit to. A lingering glance when their eyes met, a glow as she learned they’d be training together. Of course, nothing could be done about these things. She would be getting her first mission any day now, and the Red Room monitored their every move. Besides, love was foolish. Only the weak allowed themselves to develop something as idiotic as affection. She’d learned that from a young age.

Open hand. Hit to the chest. Parry with left hand. Closed fist. “Getting sloppy, Soldier?” she challenged, an eyebrow raised as she held his hit over her head. “I expected more from you,” Nat teased, spinning out from the parry and into a defensive pose. “Come on then,” she challenged, a smirk on her lips.